How to Play Circball


Each playing team consists of at least six (6) players. In playing Loveball one shall be the captain. One after the other shall be a charitable player wearing a "necker" ring (a marker) around his neck or arms while in the act of moralistic giving two love balls to his/her opponent.

At least seven (7) minutes before scheduled starting time, each team shall submit to the scorer six (6) starting squad players with the names and numbers of their squad members.

Each player shall have a number on the front and back of his sleeveless shirt with plain number of solid color contrasting with the color of his shirt.

The game has four (4) periods of play time with twelve (12) minutes each period. Each period shall have an intermission of three (3) minutes between quarters and twelve (12) minutes allowable time between halves of all games. Game can include an overtime period to break a regular tie score with a 12-minute play time.

One hundred (100) seconds for time-outs, Thirty (30) seconds for injury and disqualification. Each team is allowed five (5) time-outs throughout the game, cumulative. One (1) time-out allowed during overtime.

The game is initiated by drop ball players from two opposing teams who shall put the ball into play in the drop ball circle. The drop ball players shall sandwich the ball between their open palms and elevating it to the highest reachable point between them and simultaneously releasing the ball naturally without deflecting it in another way.  The ball shall be released only at the whistle signal of the official. The ball shall fall inside the drop ball circle and the drop ball players shall make three (3) full steps backward and both feet shall be clearly out of area of circle before a try for possession of the ball. The first drop ball player to touch the ball with one of his hands after it has rebounded from the floor shall automatically be the player to have possession of the ball.