Circball featured in Tropang Potchi

What is Circball

Circball is a new and alternative sport of  basketball. It is a unique game of skill for indoor or outdoor sports. Circball uses a unique cluster of ring baskets at the center of a circular court. It's features include the handling of the ball among players, the movement of players within the circular court area with its own defined rules and regulations. Circball is an exciting game that involves a mixture of competitive and cooperative game of play!

The circular court incorporates symbolistic care and share zones and teaches moral and ethical principles such as Love, Honesty, Purity and Unselfishness represented by a heart, a weighing scale, a dove and a hand, respectively. These new play zones are situated along the four cardinal points of the compass in the court area. The cluster of ring basket at its center court does not require a backboard a challenging sports design which requires skill and precision to play.


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